My focus has been on 'the figure' and inner truth. Initially, I used steel wire as my medium.  I trained myself to extract only the essential lines to capture the 'spirit' of the person in a 3-dimensional form.  I strove to eliminate all the unnecessary mass to reveal an element of feeling.
After 10 years of self-directed exploration of the figure in wire, I elected to eliminate even the wire, because of my concern that it too was a distraction to the ultimate essence of the soul.  I began using steel plate in combination with negative space to define the figure, and then incorporated wire cloth in the form of shadows to express various ideas.  It was at this time that I also developed the method of layering perforated steel to define the figure, and utilized the function of cropping my imagery for visual emphasis. 
Up to this point in my career I always worked from photographs, but now, photos became a crutch.  So I began to interpret 'the figure' through an inner sense of shape and form.  Simplicity demanded truth, and symbolism in my work took root.
It was the winning of a commission for the University of Scranton in 1994 that enabled me to unite the various developments of my work into a unified whole.
In 1996, my husband's involvement in landscaping led me to begin creating functional, figurative items for the garden.  My husband, Lance Duffy, and I decided to start a business fabricating sculptural furnishings for the home and garden. This was a very exciting  and challenging addition to my work. Among other things, it prompted working with an assistant in the studio.  
We are fortunate to have 3 wonderful, grown children - Lamar, Lia, and Lake. They are all actively pursuing their ambitions and goals.
I hope you enjoy your visit.  Please contact me with any questions or comments. 
I think of myself as an artist whose love of graphic design has melded with the love of working in steel and bronze.  This unusual marriage, resulting in sculptural forms, began in 1978, a year after my graduation from The Pennsylvania State University with a BFA degree in Printmaking.
As time went on, I began to use both the sculptural format of the figure and the functional format of the table and chair to express inner feelings about life and relationships. These pieces are assembled elements of life in steel or bronze.  Both structure and chance, emotion and intellect, play a part in the choices to fabricate an object with joy and truth.   
Lisa Fedon Pennsylvania Artist Sculptor
Welcome!  My name is Lisa Fedon. 
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